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Home » Reloading Supplies » Bullets for Rifles and Pistols » .50 Caliber BMG (.510) Bullets

Hornady 50 Caliber 750 Grain A-Max Per 20 Md: 5165 Bullets
Hornady 50 Caliber 750  Grain A-Max Per 20 Md: 5165 Bullets

Hornady 50 Caliber 750 Gr A-Max (Per 20)

Every Aspect Of The A-Max, From Its Ultra-Low Drag Tip To Its Special Secant Ogive Design, Was engineered To Achieve The Precise Level Of Dynamic Stability And Accuracy Needed To Print The tightest Groups Ever Recorded. Perfect Balance, Optimum Stability And Head-Turning Accuracy All Combine To Make The A-Max The Most advanced Match Bullets Available. If You Aren't Shooting The AMAX Bullet, You're Not using One Of The greatest Competitive Shooting tools Available. A-Max Is a Concept Which Is Changing Match Bullet Technology Forever. Match Shooters Are Making A-Max The Most talked About Competition Bullet Today. However, Just Like The Top Competitive Shooters Of The World, Hornady Is continuously Dedicated To improving Their Performance. Take The 50 Caliber A-Max. They Have Made Several Performance improving enhancements To Give It greater Accuracy Over The Entire Velocity Range. They Are Also constantly Expanding A-Max Technology Into New Calibers And Weights. A-Max advanced Match Design Is Intended For Premium Quality Rifles With Match Chambers And throats. The Most technologically advanced Match Bullet Ever Designed Combines Aerodynamic Shape, An extremely High Ballistic Coefficient, unmatched Dimensional concentricity And Optimum Stability To Achieve The Closest Thing To Perfection In Flight You Can Buy. Ultralow Drag Tip Allows Very Small metplat Diameter For Low Drag And Uniform Point Finish. It precisely Positions The Center Of Gravity For Optimal Stability. Improved Tip Shank offers More Mechanical Support To Withstand Maximum velocities. Secant Ogive Profile achieves a Superior Ballistic Coefficient. Copper Jacket Is manufactured To .0005" Or Less concentricity. Swaged Lead Core provides Precise Uniformity To The Bullet. Boattail Length And Angle Are Designed For Maximum Ballistic Coefficient. Product Number: 5165 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.050 Sectional Density: .412 Velocity: 2400 Range: 2800 Twist Rate: 1-15" Or faster Legend: BBWC - Bevel Base Wadcutter; BT - Boattail; C/T - Combat Target; Cl - Crimp Lock; DEWC - Double End Wadcutter; Enc - Encapsulated; FMJ - Full Metal Jacket; FP - Flat Point; HBWC - Hollow Base Wadcutter; Hm - Heavy Magnum; HP - Hollow Point; I - Interlock Bullet; JFP - Jacketed Flat Point; JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point; L - Swaged Lead Bullet; LM - Light Magnum; LRN - Lead Round Nose; Moly - Moly-Coated; RN - Round Nose; SIL - Silhoutte; Sj - Short Jacket; SP - Spire Point; SST - Super Shock Tipped; SWC - Semi-Wadcutter; UHC - Ultra-High Coefficient; VX - Varmint Express; XTP - Extreme Terminal Performance; +P - High Pressure Note: These Are Component Bullets, Not Loaded Ammunition.
Mfg No: 5165
Manufacturer: Hornady

Warranty: No Risk, Lifetime Warranty.

Shipping Information
Weight: 2.25 pounds.
Dimensions: 6.5 (L) X 3 (W) X 1.75 (H) inche

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List Price: $51.95
Price: $48.11

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