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Miscellaneous Equipment

Every type of firearm you can get requires some sort of ammunition. We carry numerous types of reloading equipment for sale here at LG Outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you need unprimed rifle or pistol brass, rifle or pistol bullets, reloading shotshell wads or reloading bullet molds and accessories, we are sure to have them here at LG Outdoors.

Perhaps you’re not sure what type of reloading equipment you require for your firearm. There’s no need to worry; we can point you to the reloading equipment for sale here at LG Outdoors that would best be suited to your needs. The people we employ are more than qualified and willing to assist you with finding the best reloading equipment for your particular type of firearm.

Part of what influences the type of reloading equipment you need depends upon the type of firearm you have. For instance, the type of reloading equipment used for Winchesters is different from the type used for Noslers, Barnes, Speers, Sierras and Hornadies. Another factor that could influence the type of reloading equipment you need is the intended purposes of your firearm. For instance, pistols that are commonly used for protection require different types of equipment than shotguns that are intended for hunting purposes.

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Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Brass Dryer Md: 110123


The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Brass Dryer is a quick, convenient, and efficient system for drying your brass. This dryer is the perfect tool for drying your rifle and pistol brass after wet case cleaning processes such as rotary tumbling or ultrasonic cleaning. The seperate and removable trays let you dry different calibers at the same time without mixing them together. This dryer can dry your brass cases inside and out in under an hour. The forced air convection heating lessons the chan
List Price: $83.99
Price: $59.33

Hornady Universal Accessory Bin and Bracket Md: 399692


The Hornady Universal Accessory Bin and Bracket is designed to hold cartridge boxes close at hand. By mounting these boxes to the Lock-N-Load AP or Classic reloading presses, completed rounds can be quickly organized and kept out of the way of the reloading process.
List Price: $22.80
Price: $14.76

Hornady Quick Detach Mounting Plate Only


The Hornady Quick Detach Universal Mounting Plate adds additional versatility to Universal Mounting Plate Assembly. By purchasing an additional plate the user can have multiple tools set up and ready to use within minutes. Simply bolt a reloading press, case trimmer or any number of bench mounted reloading tools to the Quick Detach Plate. Then switch gears with ease by simply removing the tool currently in use and clamping the new plate with another tool in place.
List Price: $21.84
Price: $15.67

Hornady Cartridge Gauge 380 Auto Md: 380700


Hornady Cartridge Gauge 380 ACP Hornady Lock-N-Load Cartridge Gauges allow the user to check their cases and ammo to ensure a correct fit in SAAMI chambers. Specifications: - Material: Steel - Caliber: 380 ACP - Quantity: 1 - Caliber Group: 380 ACP
List Price: $26.60
Price: $16.70

Lyman Expert Kit Crusher Press Model 7810120


Lyman Crusher II Expert Kit 7810120 Lyman's Popular Expert Kit Has always Been The One Kit With a Complete Selection Of Top Quality Equipment - IncludIng The Universal Case Trimmer. This Is a Truly Complete Selection Of The Best Reloading tools In One Package. Just Add Components And Start loa....See Details For More Info.
List Price: $529.95
Price: $333.47

Caldwell Brass Retriever With Roll Cage Seperator Aluminum


Manufacturer: Past Mfg Number: 125789
List Price: $57.95
Price: $54.94

Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder Tip Stop Md: 399677


This is a tip stop for the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder. The tip stop aids with those having adjustment issues with their case feeders….See More Details
List Price: $4.95
Price: $4.76

Hornady 366692 Lock-N-Load Universal Bin And Bracket


The swiveling Base Of This Cartridge Bin Bracket Allows For Adaptability On The Lock-N-Load AP And Classic Presses. You Can Use It To conveniently Store Finished rounds In.
List Price: $18.95
Price: $17.24

Hornady 399698 QD Univ Mounting Plate


List Price: $23.95
Price: $22.06

Lee Precision Reloading Stand Md: 90688


Perfect For The Reloader With Limited Working Space Or An overwhelmed Workbench. The Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Stand Places Your Press at The Perfect Counter Stool Or Standing Height. Three-Leg Design assures Absolute Stability Regardless Of The Floor Condition…See For More details.
List Price: $109.95
Price: $104.41

Hornady 00 Buckshot .330 Diameter 5Lb Bag


Hornady Buckshot Is Cold Swaged using a Lead Alloy Hardened With Antimony To Prevent Any Potential deformities When Fired. This Allows The Buckshot To Fly straighter And To Hit Your Target harder. Hornady uses a Strict Roundness Tolerance Of +0.001" In An Effort To Place More Pellets On The Target.
List Price: $31.26
Price: $27.63

MEC Mayville Engnrg Inc. Shell Checker


Now You Can Easily Measure The Precision Of Your reloaded shells. Precision machined holes, Labeled Go And No Go Test For Size And Roundness. Durable Stainless Steel. 10, 12, 16, 20, And 28 Gauge, Plus .410 Bore.
List Price: $17.95
Price: $17.09

Speer 38 Caliber Plastic Training Bullets 50/Box


38 Cal Target-38 Bullet
List Price: $10.95
Price: $9.56

Speer 45 Caliber Plastic Training Bullets


45 Cal Target-45 Bullet
List Price: $11.95
Price: $10.40

G.P.S. Black Powder Binder, Black Md: GPS-1521BLP


Our New Black Powder Binder Is a Great Way To Organize And Store All Of Your Tools For The Black Powder Shooter. This Hard Sided Binder features Inside Storage Pockets For a Bullet Starter…See More Details
List Price: $29.99
Price: $9.48

Caldwell Brass Retriever


Type/Color: Brass Retriever Size/Finish: Telescoping Handle Material: Aluminum/Steel/Polymer Other FEATURES:: Telescoping Handle, End Caps Open To Empty
List Price: $59.99
Price: $46.56

Hornady Lead 00 Buckshot 5Lb. Box


Shot Size/Type: OO Buckshot/.330 Diameter/Lead Weight: 5 Pallet Pack:
List Price: $33.92
Price: $28.34

Hornady Gas Checks .30 Caliber 1000CT


Diameter: .30 Caliber Bullet Weight In GRAINS: N/A Bullet Style: Gas Checks Bullets Per Box: 1000 Boxes Per Case: 5 Jacketed: N
List Price: $44.20
Price: $36.39

Hornady Gas Checks .45 Caliber, 1000 Per Box Md: 7140


If you cast your own bullets, our crimp-on gas checks will enhance their performance. During sizing, the gas check crimps to the base of case lead bullets to seal gasses and protect the base from deformation….See More Details
List Price: $56.75
Price: $45.74

Lyman Turbo Flash Hole Cleaner Md: 7777750


The Lyman Turbo Flash Hole Cleaner removes residue from the flash hole. Removing dirt and residue from the flash hole helps to ensure uniform ignition…See More Details
List Price: $8.95
Price: $7.66

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